Josep Mastuset

Josep Mastuset is a Catalonian artist who pursues a vision of the infinite through the medium of photography and the opening and sudden closing of the shutter lens.

Each of his artwork’s are uniquely different as they portray the movement of time and space and are thus unable to be manipulated or reproduced.

All negatives of each photograph are sold with the single print guaranteeing that no original image will ever be reproduced.

This dialogue of the infinite and finite are what Mastuset pursues and is inspired by. From here he say the he has rediscovered the child within him, for as Einstein once wrote, “God doesn’t play chess, but he surely likes to play in the sand”

Mastuset has studied painting, sculpture and theology and as such spirituality has always been a theme running throughout his artwork.

He has exhibited in galleries in Barcelona, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm and San Sebastian. He has also had exhibitions in the Girona Museum of Art in Cataluña and in Poriginal Gallery of the Pori Art Museum in Finland and the Latino Art Museum in Los Angeles in 2013.

Josep Mastuset currently lives and works out of his studio in Helsinki, Finland.