MiramArt arises from a dream, the dream of trying to recreate the sea at the only spot of La Concha Bay (San Sebastian, Spain) from where it cannot be seen


Created by the artist Victor Goikoetxea in 2016 and located in the city of San Sebastian (Spain), MiramArt is an intervention that enhances an urban space essential for the configuration of the walkway surrounding the bay, and it contributes to its unique richness and diversity of piazzas, viewpoints, promenades, gardens… that run from El Peine del Viento (Eduardo Chillida’s sculpture) to Mompás, providing a covered space that recreates its own underwater landscape.
The project is approached as a door to the city that, together with three other interventions of urban art, had at first been conceived as part of an ambitious artistic project with vocation to last over time and to become a patrimony of the city.




The construction of the Miramar Palace, completed in 1893, required the construction of a false tunnel for the passage of tramways and traffic. This tunnel makes it possible to pass under the topographic headland that projects into the sea and it is a necessary passage to connect the beaches of Ondarreta and La Concha along the walkway surrounding the sea front. During the second half of the twentieth century, a second false tunnel for pedestrians was built as a semi- circular barrel vault with an approximate length of 29 meters and a width of  4.8 meters, its height being of 4.5 meters under the keystone.

MiramArt has succeeded in transforming totally the experience of crossing this space by means of hanging as a cladding an unique artistic piece that covers all the inner part of the semi-cylindrical tunnel vault. In order to create this work, Victor Goikoetxea devised on a flat surface of more than 200 m2 a fascinating painting in which he mixed pigments, paints, varnishes and volumetric elements, so as to create an artistic and changing fusion of the dialogue between land and sea. His work was subsequently placed on aluminium sheets of 3.0 x 1.5 m2 and adapted constructively to the existing support, thus integrating the work in a global architectural project.

The result is a special experience that enhances this space relating it to the sea and the landscape, and it plays with a coating of variable materials, thicknesses, roughness and brightness, recreating the feelings of an underwater world. The artistic illumination is a key complement to underline other aspects of the work and to accentuate colours, shades, thicknesses and textures, making therefore even more intense the experience of crossing this space.




MiramArt seeks to make city with an innovative approach: integrating art, architecture, technology and city. The initial idea of the project has been gradually enriched with a series of elements that have finally transformed it into. a smart place. A totem in the Western access of the tunnel shows the information about the persons who have crossed it and, at the same time, it allows an interaction with the citizens allowing them to vote on the project itself in a simple and instantaneous manner, and on the same location.

This masterpiece is one of the musts to visit in the city of San Sebastian.


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