The well-known Txakoli vineyard “Ameztoi”is now the home of the latest large sculpture created by Jose Luis Lasa. Made of bronze, weighing 800 kilos and with a height of 2.65 metres, it was made under commission for this location.

From the beginning the artist knew that the grape had to be the protagonist. With this idea in mind, he thought of a large and empty grape, ovoid-shaped like his other sculptures, in which a bunch of grapes could be introduced in the empty space; the grapes being a distinctive symbol of the environment in which the sculpture is located. This way his identity as an artist and the identity of the winery embrace in a unique sculpture.

The sculpture can be visited in the Ameztoi winery in Barrio Eitzaga 10, in the village of Eitzaga town (20808, Guipúzcoa). Very close to the town of Getaria.