Biography – Gonzalo Prieto

Gonzalo Prieto was trained in different languages and styles, exploring many of the expressive possibilities that the pictorial medium allows. He departed from a demanding self-tuition which gave him a thorough knowledge of the painter profession.

He made incursions in several genres, such as landscaping where he found his most fruitful and recurrent style.

In fact, the painter has searched a renovation of the routine and academic approaches of that category, through dreamy and expressive images of towns and cities, which have in stain and blasting their most distinctive styles. Fluid and skilled, the works of Prieto present a very dynamic organization and a palette of singular luminosity, factors that have served the author to erect his peculiar hillbilly geography.

Other pieces combined, cartographic signs with the representation of the forest, in well integrated compositions, that address the experience of nature with a passionate sensibility.

To sum up, the mysterious panoramas of Gonzalo Prieto, can be associated to the romantic-symbolism and aesthetic orientation in which the landscape has worked as an ideal vehicle to the expression of emotions.